Honestly, I Want to See You Be Brave

"You can be amazing..."

“You can be amazing…”


“Say what you want to say, and let the words fall out…”

I want to say – no, to ask the most famous closeted gay and lesbian athletes in Olympic sports to come out. I want to plead with the most powerful players of this era to use the whole of who they are, not just their professional postions, to help eradicate the homophobia so blatantly flaunted in Russia and other nations.

It does not take courage to score a goal or stop a puck. There’s nothing heroic about playing a game.

True heroes stand up to bullies, like the president of the Nigerian Women’s Soccer Association, who has banned lesbians from the National Team. The challenge of playing a World Cup on artificial turf seems trivial compared to the threat of “corrective” rape, don’t you think?

“Don’t run, stop holding your tongue…”

Bravery is running toward danger. Courage is speaking your truth.

“Let your words be anything but empty. Why don’t you tell them the truth?”

Come out. Say the words. “Open secrets” are still secrets, ones that perpetuate the fear and shame associated with being gay. When our very best and brightest and most successful stand strong in who they are and refuse to hide because of social or religious pressures, their courage can help others from being crushed by shame.

You are needed. Your very presence is the message. We will be so much stronger with you than we are without you.

Don’t be afraid. We – your fans, your teammates, your country – will stand with you. We will not let you fall.

“Show me how big your brave is.”

Show me. Show the world. Please. Please.

“I wonder what would happen if…”


Lyrics from the Sara Bareilles song “Brave.”

3 thoughts on “Honestly, I Want to See You Be Brave

  1. I appreciate the sentiment here, but I also can understand an athlete not wanting to risk his/her freedom when competing in a country where the laws are against you. Our government would be hard pressed to bail out any of our athletes should Russian lawmen decide to lock any of them up. It’s too bad other governments aren’t standing up to this bully. It seems rather hypocritical for a country to grant same sex marriage (England, most recently, but a few others, too) yet send athletes to this country to compete. The Olympics aren’t supposed to be political, but this is a human rights issue, not a political one.

    • Are you serious? You think the US government would stand by and allow an American citizen to be arrested during the Olympics because they’re gay (or might be gay, or looked at a guy the wrong way)? I know we’re a little backwards here in Georgia, but there’s no way Obama would allow that. None.

  2. No, I don’t think the US gvt would allow it. I think Russia would use it to push their agenda of showing off who has more power…just like the Snowden thing. They would enforce their crappy laws and refuse to let the US come in and get their athlete out. Their leader hates to think he can be pushed around.

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