New Kinda-Pro League? Boston Breakers Coach Lisa Cole Explains.

After the Equalizer broke the news of yet another semi-pro women’s soccer league set to start up next year, I made some typically snarky comments on Twitter. I won’t repeat them here.

Boston Breakers coach Lisa Cole began replying to me with more information about today’s announcement. In the interest of not RTing all the them, here is the condensed text of those tweets:

“The Div 1 standards are set around the men’s game and $. They have to do with the bond you have to pay, etc… They don’t have to do with the quality of the teams you can put on the field. We can keep a league alive… and competing at a high level, by growing the league rather then starting to high. W-league and WPSL Elite both… …have franchises/owners that are successful and can jump up a level from being a summer league to what’s next…  ..and then we grow from there…we don’t have all the answers today but we have a good starting point… …teams will have smaller budgets, will look more like leagues across the world, in a semi-pro model… …but teams keep the environment professional for the players…and the players work PT or do camps, etc.  ..this happening in Sweden, Germany, etc…some players are FT but others are younger or working. a good base to build the future on. Looking forward to 2013.”

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